Introducing: The Perfect White Shirt from UNIFORME


Many of you have shared with me that you are in search of some great basics to add to your wardrobe, and that you would love for Cocoon to expand into more categories, such as tops and pants. I love that idea, but for the time being, I am focused on building our signature luxury outerwear collection. 

However, because I am always on the hunt for great pieces to supplement my rather extensive outerwear wardrobe, I thought it would be fun to start sharing some of my favorites with you! I do my best to support like-minded businesses - small, responsible, often female-owned and locally made-  and I'm so excited to share these incredible brands.

To start: The perfect white shirt, by UNIFORME

UNIFORME is a wonderful new company, based in New York City, that focuses on creating simple, luxurious, and timeless pieces. Inspired by the way men typically dress in more of a uniform style, designer Alice Wang, has taken her philosophy and created a wonderful collection of basic pieces, including, in my opinion, the ultimate white button down shirt. Everything from the fabric to the fit is just right, and I would highly recommend getting one for yourself!

Her attention to detail is fabulous, right down to the buttons, they're made from white Australian mother-of-pearl they are just thick enough to give it that extremely luxurious feel, without being bulky.  And the fabric is sublime, it's an ultra soft oxford cloth, woven in Switzerland at one of the finest shirting mills in the world.

The fit is wonderful too! It's fitted through the shoulders so that it doesn't look baggy, but the arms and body have a bit of a looser fit, which I love while I am working, I hate having restricted movement when a shirt's fit is too snug. The length is perfect, it has a lower back hem length, so it covers what it needs to cover, especially in skinny jeans, while the front fits just a bit higher than tunic length so that it doesn't read like a dress.

The pleat ties the whole piece together, I love how it gives the look just a little bit of added style, so that it's more than just a shirt, and it's not too simple that you can't wear it alone. Pair it with your favorite jeans or black pants and you're out the door, I love that!

I look forward to sharing more of my favorite brands and pieces with you, and please, let me know if you have suggestions of anything you would like featured!



Sizing guide for Cocoon by Elizabeth Geisler