Why I make my collection in America

The Fourth of July is nearly here and as we celebrate America, I think it's worth taking a few moments to remember why American made is so important.  

Producing domestically allows me to have complete control over my final product - I'm able to be involved in every part of the design and manufacturing process and to get to know the team that is sewing each garment. My goal is to make the highest possible quality garment, and I couldn't do that without direct access to my production team. 

American made not only leads to a higher quality product, but it is also better for the environment, for the people, and for the economy. We use deadstock material, reducing waste, and our products don't travel very far. Even more importantly, the people who work in our factory are paid well for their work, and they work in a safe and clean environment. For every $1 spent in US manufacturing, another $1.40 is added back to the economy - this is the highest multiplier of any economic sector. 

I'm proud to produce my collection domestically, and I am so thankful for all of your support. 

Happy Independence Day!
- Elizabeth 

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