THE COCOON UNIFORM SERIES: Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum.

I'm a believer in good skincare - we focus so much on what we put in our body and what we put on it is equally important. I kept reading about this "wonder serum" and thought it had to be too good to be true... until I tried it. 

I'll try most things, but am highly skeptical when it comes to skincare. I did not expect this serum to live up to the hype... and was pleasantly surprised to find that it far exceeded my expectations.

Determined to ditch the toxic chemicals she’d found out were hiding in her skincare routine, the serum’s creator, April Gargiulo set out to craft the most luxurious, toxin free serum possible. Using her experience in winemaking she began by sourcing the world’s finest ingredients and uses a time-honored formulation process, called enfleurage, which infuses the
foundation oils with nutrients from other plants, to create the multi-functional serum that targets everything from fine lines to acne.
I’ve battled large pores and blackheads most of my adult life, and my skin looks so much better after using this serum. It’s clear, smooth, and has this underlying radiance. An unexpected perk? The scent -  it smells almost like a flower garden and if you use it at night it has a kind of calming quality that I love! I've spoken with several friends and customers who also use Vintner's Daughter - each woman has a different skin type and various concerns, and each woman feels that Vintner's Daughter has been a wonderful addition to her regimen. 

One of the things I connected with when I started learning about Vintner's Daughter is that her process is not unlike mine - similar to how I choose fabrics and trims for the pieces in my collection, April chooses each ingredient “not only for its individual 
capabilities, but also how it works in synergy with other ingredients”.  And her process for creating the serum takes no shortcuts, she uses the whole plant to derive each nutrient needed, it’s expensive and time consuming but the result is something vastly different and of the very highest quality.

Sizing guide for Cocoon by Elizabeth Geisler