Cocoon Favorites: Beautiful & Comfortable heels from Marion Parke

I'm really excited to share another favorite brand with you this month - it's so fun to find and support like-minded businesses and I'm so glad that many of you were as enthusiastic about the perfect white shirt from Uniforme as I was! 

Today I'm thrilled to introduce you to shoes by Marion Parke. When it comes to shoes, form and function is equally important - it doesn't matter how beautiful a shoe is if the wearer can't walk in it! Marion Parke is a Minnesota-based podiatric surgeon who decided it was time for a shoe to exist that was as beautiful as it was comfortable! 

Marion created her namesake line of shoes "alongside Italian master cobblers" to have a unique insole, which is designed to "acknowledge the structure and function of the foot and ankle", that is patent pending. Each shoe is designed with built in arch and heel support, and a medical grade cushioning that will shape to your foot over time, and essentially become a custom orthotic. I must say, that I have had issues with my feet since I was a kid, and I can honestly tell you that after wearing these all over Paris last month, these shoes are a dream come true!

In addition to the comfort factor, which I so appreciate, she has the designer look and feel nailed down as well. Marion has gotten it right when it comes to a dainty, modern, and stylish look and feel, which for me, is key. The design elements were equally important to her as the science behind the comfort, so she went to the experts for the sourcing and manufacturing as well, she has her shoes made in the same Tuscan factories as designer shoe mainstays Jimmy Choo and Isabel Marant!

Marion Parke has become a constant in my wardrobe and I think you'll love them too. 

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