The Cocoon Uniform Series: MM.LaFleur

I'm really excited to share another favorite brand with you this month - I love to find and support like-minded, and especially women-owned, businesses and I'm so glad that many of you have been enjoying this series! Please, let me know what you’d like to see next!

I would like to introduce to you, a brand and business I admire, MM.LaFleur. 

Founder Sarah LaFleur got the idea for MM.LaFleur while she was working in finance. She dreamed of a new philosophy on shopping and getting dressed. She wanted a more inspired wardrobe, a simple, beautiful uniform that didn't take much effort to put together in the morning, and she didn't want shopping for it to take up much of her time. So, she teamed up with with Zac Posen's former head designer, Miyako Nakamura, to create a line of classic pieces that would appeal to professional women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. 

To round out their idea of creating a new way to shop, the team added a third co-founder, Narie Foster, and together they came up with unique way of selling these gorgeous clothes to busy women without taking up much of their valuable time, the bento box. After filling out a short questionnaire, customers are sent a box filled with complete outfits, including accessories, that will help take away the guesswork and decision making that goes along with getting dressed every morning. It's not a subscription service either, the box is designed to give you the sense for the quality and fit of the pieces, but, there's no commitment necessary to anything sent, so you can simply ship back what doesn't suit you, and you can order whenever you like. 

The collection is made up of stylish shift dresses and gorgeous separates, like beautiful blouses and luxurious sweaters, as well as amazingly flattering pants. Similar to Cocoon, the line is designed with the idea that the clothing we invest in should be timeless, it should be modern without being overly trendy. Each outfit would look stunning styled with your favorite Cocoon coat.

One key thing about the collection that I love is that the clothes are designed using several different sizes of fit models to ensure the styles work on various body types. I also appreciate how the pieces are designed to fit into everyday life, most of the items are machine washable and are designed to be able to just pull out of a suitcase and throw on without having to use an iron. 

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(Images via MM.LaFleur)

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