What Inspired The Waldorf Weekend Coat

Like almost every woman, I consider Kate Middleton’s style to be the epitome of chic. She’s timeless and refined; that’s something I think we’d all like to emulate, without the benefit of a team of personal stylists. 

I’m most inspired by the way Kate rocks the coat-dress throughout the fall and winter. When Kate wears a coat, it is a whole look, and those always stick with me.

While designing for this season, I was thinking of coats that could make an outfit, like Kate’s, but could also fit into day-to-day life. I wanted a piece that made a statement, but that I could also wear every day. I started with the cut – a simple, slight A-line, with one button for a clean finish and a universally flattering length.

Plaid may be on trend, but the print is as classic as stripes when it is done well. To balance the print and make the coat more wearable, I paired it with black merino, and I really love the juxtaposition in this piece.

When I found this gorgeous whiskey alpaca, I knew it would suit the clean lines of this coat. A camel coat is an absolute classic and something everyone should have in their wardrobe, and this version has become one of my very favorite pieces that I’ve ever made.

Last month I partnered with some of my favorite bloggers to launch the collection, and it has been so fun to see how they have worn these coats and made them their own. Some of my favorite photos of the Waldorf coat are featured throughout this post!

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