Let's give back together! Operation Warm

The holiday season is, for me, the best time of the year. I view it as a touchstone, a reminder to slow down and enjoy time with my family and friends. 

Despite the rapidly falling temps, I've always associated the colors and lights of the start of winter as a happy, joyful time. However, I recently learned something startling - by necessity, many families struggling to survive must prioritize food, heat and rent over appropriate winter clothing, resulting in children missing school. This translates not only to missed learning and social opportunities but also missed meals, as many children receive balanced nutrition through the Federal Free & Reduced Meal Program. I was so sad to learn that this special time of year can lead to additional fear and stress amongst those who are already struggling. 

I don't want anyone to have to endure winter without a warm coat, especially a child! So I have partnered with the Minneapolis Firefighters Operation Warm program to help deserving children get outfitted with brand new American made coats. 

This week, I am committed to donating 2 coats to Minneapolis Firefighters Operation Warm for each Cocoon purchase. If you are considering making a Cocoon purchase this week, we would be honored to donate on your behalf. If you are interested in spreading the warmth but don't feel like shopping this week please click here to learn more about this amazing organization and click here to make a donation on your own. This is such a great cause and I would love your help supporting it.

Have a wonderful week, enjoy this time with family and friends, and stay warm!
I'm so thankful for your support, and for your business. 

Elizabeth Geisler

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